Friday, May 8, 2009

Dora Quilt Easy

Dora Quilt Top

Today i finished the Dora quilt top. It still has to be quilted but i thought i would give instructions on sewing it together for anyone who is interested. Well here goes. I will just use steps.
Step 1 chose your fabric. Cut your squares mine are 4 1/2 inches. I cut out the little Dora's. (thats called fussy cut)

Step 2 cut strips 2 1/2 inches wide in colors that match your fabric.
Step 3 sew one color strip to your square first down each side then across the top and bottom. Your square should look like pic.

Step 4 make as many as you need for your size quilt.
Step 5 Press all squares. I laid mine out in rows then pressed one row all up the next row down so that when i sewed the rows together the seams match up nice and snug. This really helps. It also helps to pin a note to each row as follows row 1 down, row 2 down and so on. This helps keep things organized and makes the next step easier.

Step 6 Sewing the rows together. I sew each block across in row 1 first. Do each across 2,3,4, till finished. Next i lay each row out in order (keep the # on). Again i press one row one direction and the next row the opposite. Next you will repeat except in the opposite. Sewing row 2 across to row 1. Sew row 3 across to row 2 continue till you have all the rows together.
Last i put different size borders color and strips around mine. You can put as many as you like. Do it your way. Here is the finished top.

Hope you enjoy!