Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a little note 2-22-13

I have more updates but not tonight. Don't want to overload ya'll with to much at once.
I have been busy quilting. I am also doing a follow along scrap quilt following Pat Sloan.
I think it is really going to be a beautiful quilt when it is done. Lot's of fabric and colors.

Anyway thats it for tonight.
Hope you enjoy.

Puppy update

Here is a little update of our puppies. Pic of when we got them and a pic of them now.


Watching Me

Nap Time
Yes they have grown. The black one is Taz he is the oldest
Bongo is the baby but he is just a little bit bigger than Taz. They are really close.They do everything together.
As you can see when i sew or press they get under my ironing board and nap inside the pillow case together. I am glad we got them close together so they could grow up together. Spoiled  too.

Daughters Hipster

My daughter was going on vacation and wanted me to make her a hipster
purse. Well i did. I put a lot of pockets in it too. They are hard to see in the pic's.

I think it turned out nice for my first try.

Baby Sis Totes

I made some Totes for my baby sister for her birthday.  She has 3 grown daughters so i knew they
would want one too so i made them all one. LOL I told my sis she gets to pick first.

So many projects and just not enough time to show you all of them. Will post more. It took me forever just to get the pic's onto my computer.  If you follow me on FB then you might have seen a few of these. hope you enjoy.

My Daughters Quilt

Today i thought i would play a little catch up for my followers.
My puppies are now 1 and 1/2 years old and the other is now 2 and 1/2.
Where does the time go? I guess when you stay busy it seam to fly by.

Here are some of the quilts i have been working on. First is the one i have been working on for
a long time it is for my daughter.
as you can see it took a lot of time.  This is the center. The next one will show some of the border.
This turned out beautiful. It is an over size Queen.
 More to follow in next post.