Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding Quilt for Michelle

This is a over sized Queen Quilt i made for my niece. This was her wedding quilt. She wanted blue. I think i collected to many blue's. LOL but i will use them. It is very easy to make so here are the steps.
 First i cut strips (you need 2 sets) each strip is 4 inches wide. (what size you want) (see above)
Sew them together 1 strip set with white in the center the 2nd strip set with white on the outside.
now press (white in the middle press seams to outside) (white on the outside press to the middle). This will help when matching your seams.
Next you will cut these into 4 inch strips. The whole length. (as above)  Next make a 9 patch. Sew and press. Directions for 9 patch. take 1 of the stripes that is now a 4 inch (or your size) with the 2white's on the outside and sew it to 1 with your colors on the outside. next add another to the opposite side. see above.  Should look like this one below when finished.

Next  measure your square and what ever that size it will be the size for your white squares you will need to cut. these white squares will be sewed between the square you just made. Alternating sewed colored block and white block.  (I lay mine out on the bed and then label them so i don't get mixed up when i sew them together.)  See how it is coming together. 

You can use any color you want. Any size you want. This quilt comes together fast. There are a lot of ways to make this quilt. you could make it all red and white. All green and white. Its really up to you. So is the size.
Next i pin mine together and stitched in the ditch. (Stitch in the ditch is just sewing right in the seam) just go slow. You can chose any way you want to quilt the layers together.  Last i put on the binding. I like 2 1/4 inch wide strips and i press it in half.  Whoot your done.   Oh yes don't forget to make a label.
Many thanks for looking.

Making a sewing room.

I have been turning my extra bedroom into my sewing room and it has been a job. Not finished yet. Doing quilt project in between.Here is a pic of what i have done so far to the room. Yep i need more shelves.......

 Here is a small quilt i made for my brother-in-laws father. His wife passed away and family members brought me some of her dresses. I cut them up and made this quilt for him. My sister finished the binding. He loved it. It was just right for him to cover up or wrap around him. SO you can see i have been busy. Hope you enjoy.