Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short movie of puppy

Trying to see if i can upload a short movie of our puppy.
Hope this works. This is my first try.

Puppy update June

Just a few pictures of our puppy. He is now 7 months old. He is at 4 pounds. Full of energy. Loves to sleep on his back.

@5months @ 7 months @7 months-today
He will not get any larger. He is very much loved.

Fan Quilt

Just finished this Fan Quilt top. It's now ready to start quilting.
Here is how to info for you.

These are the parts to put together. I sew the fan blades first.

You will need to press all the seams to one direction.

Next i sew the small end of the fan on.

Yes i do pin. Start in the middle then the ends.

Nest is the large background. Again i do pin. The same as the small end. There is a short video on my Ustream page.

I like to sew with the seams on top so i can make sure the seam
stays going the right way when it goes under the needle.

After sewing again press the seam. Square up your block.
I decided to add a black border around each fan at 2 1/2 inches. I also added the same black to the outside border at 6 inches. You can do yours any way you like. I think the black brings out the colors in the fan blades. This Top fits the top of my King size bed.

Comments welcome.