Thursday, August 12, 2010

Place Mats Part 2

Here is the second part of the Place mats.

Cut your batting and back about 1/2" larger than the front. Lay out as in picture and sew 1/2" around leaving an opening to turn the right side out. Trim close after sewing and before you turn it.

Now you are almost done. After you turn to the right side you need to close the open end. I sewed around mine with 2 rows of stitches. To finish stitch in the ditch.
All done. I made this set of four and gave it to my sister-in-law. (she loved it)
Feel free to copy and paste and make your own set with fabric you love.

july 4th Place Mats Part 1

I decided while i am here to go ahead and add the place mats. They are easy to make and fun for a small project. These make nice gifts too.
Press all of row 1 seams in one direction. I press to the dark side.

Hot Hot Hot. The weather that is.
Spent the last two weeks with my grandkids. Love having them around me.
They teach me things and i teach them things. Fun Fun Fun. I love it.

Well now its back to my sewing and other projects.

During June I did a lot of hats and footsies. Just late getting them on my blog.

I also made Place Mats for the 4th of July along with other things i have been working on.

Now back to posting Pic when projects are done. Maybe i can catch up. LOL
Here are the hats.

As you can see i am sick of hats. Enjoy!
Comments are welcome.