Monday, April 4, 2011

Our new puppy

Just to catch you up on things; we have a new puppy and he keeps me busy.
He is 4 months old. Just 2 pounds 8 oz. Tiny and frisky.
I have been housebreaking him for the last 3 weeks and he is doing great.
The last 2 days we have left the water and food down all the time and no mishaps.
LOL that's not to say there won't be.
I am not sure how i am doing cause he is taking a lot of my time but he is worth it.
here are a few pic's Hope you enjoy.

Oh we named him Taz and boy does that fit him. Eat you up one minute and lick you to death the next. Just so loveable.

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Ðan said...

just to cute in his sweater Arf-Arf .