Friday, August 26, 2011

Short update

Well i am just a little bit behind. I have finally got back to my quilting and just started hand quilting on the fan quilt.

It has just been so hot here it makes it hard to do things. I am ready for cooler weather. These 100+ degree days is bad. All my grass is dead and a lot of my outside plants too. My muscadine grape vines is the only thing we water and they look ok. Have a few grapes on them.

Taz is growing like a weed he is now 8 months old and weights in at 4 1/2 pounds. Still fast. Yep i still can't catch him.

My hubby got sick on me but is ok now. My daughter has been real sick with stomach problems and was in the hospital. Still sick and now getting second opinion. I had my grandkids while my daughter was in the hospital. My fun time.

So as you can see now i have to get back to my sewing.
thanks for reading.

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