Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making Dear & Tootsie's Quilt

For those who don't like to click links this is the quilt I made for Dear & Tootsie. It is a king size and i did the quilt as you go method.

I have for many years done this method all by hand but this was the first time i did all the work on my regular sewing machine. How cool and faster. See below for instructions.
First i cut squares from each of the fabrics.(8 1/2 inches) Second i cut the strips (purple & orange) at 2 1/2 inches. I then sewed one color strip around each square. (as you can see i alternated the colors) This made the square 10 inches. Check your square and square it up if needed.
After sewing all the squares i cut the center batting from cotton fleece (you use what you like) and the backing to 10 inches. Sewing an X shape through each square to quilt the layers together.
Now i did lay my squares out on the bed to get them in the order i wanted. I take paper and number each row and pin it to the square so that when i sew i can keep them in order.
This step may be confusing. To sew the squares together into rows these are the steps i did. (1) see the green strip on top: it is cut 2 1/4 inches wide then pressed in half. The purple strip for the back is cut at 1 1/4 inches (no fold).
Place the top folded strip on top (front side)of square with raw edge lined up with the edge of your square. Take the back strip and place on the bottom of square right side facing up. Sew 1/4" seam through all layers.
Now you open it up. The purple on the back will be sewed to the next square by placing the back of the next square to the right side of the purple strip. see pic below.
You will always be placing right sides of your fabric together.

That for me is the hardest part to explain but there is a reason. When you next open up the now two attached squares the back will be done. Now you are ready to finish the front. You can use any stitch you chose on your machine or you can straight stitch or hand sew the front closed. This is done by (see the green folded strip) it now will flip toward the second square so you can stitch it down. This step closes all the raw edges between the two squares.

You will continue to do this to all your squares across each row. After each of your rows have been done across you will do the same thing to attach the rows in the opposite direction. I made my strips long enough to go The whole length. " yes i did use pins"
Front view
Back view.
The last thing i did was to put the binding on.. Hope you enjoyed.
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