Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Spy Ragged Quilt

Today i am trying to catch up with my blog. I made 2 of these twin ragged I Spy quilts. My hubby came home from work and asked me to make them for 2 little girls. After hubby told me there story i told him yes. Anyway i made both of these before i made Dear and Tootsie's quilt but i kinda got ahead of myself on posting to my blog.
This is the first one it has Dora/Tweety/Princess/ and other cartoon's squares in it. This quilt was made for the youngest girl.

The second quilt was made the same without the cartoon squares because she is a little older. I think they share the same room so i wanted them to look the same but yet different.
these are done except i have to do the clipping then wash them to start the rag effect.
I will try to explain how i made them so here goes:

First i cut out the squares for the top/batting/and backing all the same size.

Then the sewing started. 1 top square laid onto the batting and backing. Since the squares were small i quilted them together with an X through the layers of each square. Just make sure the top is facing you and the back is away from you.

Next is a little harder to explain. You take 2 quilted squares and have the back side of each square facing each other: you will be looking at the right ride (top) You will sew the 2 squares together from the top side so that the seam is on the top side of your square. 1/2 inch seam. Now when you open this up the back will be finished and the top will have the seam showing. Thats when you know you did it right. You did good. This is what it should look like.

Its a little confusing at first but if you pay attention it becomes a habit. I sewed squares together to make a row across then placed them on the bed so i could see if i liked it that way. I continued to do the rows till it was ready to connect the rows together the opposite way.

After all your rows have been sewed together i sewed all around the outside of the quilt 1/2 inch from the edge to give it strength.The last 2 things to do is clip all layers in between each square about a 1/2 apart but do NOT clip through the stitching. Then last but not least wash and dry to start the ragging effect. Oh Yea clip the outer edge the same way. No Binding unless you want to ad one.
This is what the back on mine looks like.
I hope you enjoyed.

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