Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Quilt project for 2010

Well the holidays are over . I hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope the food and company was a special time for you. I was lucky to spend time with my family. I received a new Digital camera and a Flip Cam for Christmas. My family knew what i wanted and blessed me with it. Now i think i am special. LOL! Now i have no excuse not to take pictures to share with you all.

Well now its time to get back to my love of quilting. I have started cutting out one. It will take me longer to make this one. Its going to be a queen size. Will be beautiful when done. The pattern is of a wall hanging but i have chose to make it into a quilt. Here is the picture from the book. Can you see all the flowers each one has to be cut out. That's what i am doing now. 4 buds /4pedals and 4 green pedals for each block. So if i am making a queen i will need OMG almost 2,000 little pieces. So if you don't here from me for a little bit you will know what i am doing.

Oh yeah i did make a few little things for my Granddaughter. She is into scarf's. She wants me to make her a flowing dress for her Birthday. Well you know how Grandmom's are. We try to please and spoil them rotten. :D that's me. Will add pictures later cause they are still on my camera.

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