Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures of dress-scarfs-hats

Howdy! Thought i would update with pic's of what i have been making. You know those little projects that come up. These are crochet-ed hats for my grandkids. One for my sis for her birthday and a dress for my granddaughter for her birthday that's what she wanted. All taken on my camera i got for Christmas. hope you enjoy. If you look under some of these pic's you will see the parts of the quilt i still have to cut out. These are all the flower parts.

For GD for her Birthday she picked out the fabric.

For Granddaughter

As you can see my Granddaughter got more cause its for her Birthday.
Son-in-law Daughter>

Grandson (both)

my baby sis for her Birthday

ok i made this one for meeeeeeee! Cause i liked the colors.

So now you can see i have been busy.
Comments anyone?

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