Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coke Purse for my sis for Christmas

This was my little project for the week end. Most of my family will get gifts i make for Christmas so i thought i would share this one. My sis collects coke stuff so i think she will like this.

Well having no pattern i got out my favorite thing to use (Reynolds freezer paper) and started drawing till i got one i liked. Here it is so feel free to make yours.

Step1 I cut out the front (coke) and back (black) then some Fusible Fleece. Two for front two for the back. Pressed as the directions say.
Step 2 Then place right sides together and sew together. I used a regular stitch around the outside edge then turned it right side out: pressed again. ( DO NOT SEW THE OPENING ON THE HANDLE) That's the cut out hole.

Step 3 Handle part is next. Around the handle i used a zig-zag. Anyway this makes it thick and strong.

Step 4 I wanted inside pockets so i cut out squares 2 Coke & 2 Red. Sew one Coke to one one Red; turn and press. (i just measured the with of the purse and cut my squares about 2 inches smaller). Step 5 On the inside of one side of the purse i places one and stitched it in place making sure it was in the middle and touching the bottom. Repeat the for the next side. (Please note no Fusible Fleece)

Step 6 Measure the sides from the handle hole to the bottom add 1 inch. Cut your fabric for the two outside sides. Make with the size you want Sew with 1/2 inch seam. (mine is 5 inches). Turn and press again no fleece. (Don't forget to leave an opening to turn it)

Step 6&7 are the hardest because of the thickness..... Place the sides on then the bottom sewing slow slow. Did i say slow. I broke two needles. LOL
Yes i used pin's. Do the bottom the same way.
Mine is done and i sure can make improvements if i make another one. But for now i just hope my sis likes it.
Many thanks. Hope you like. Please feel free to leave comment.

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